KAIZEN - The Art of Progression
The name Kaizen comes from a Japanese meaning to continuously improve. Therefore we at Kaizen Fitness don’t promote quick fixes and weekly transformations, we focus on creating lifestyle changes that deliver you lifetime results.
  • Kaizen Bootcamps offer more variety than any other Sydney Bootcamp – Power Sleds, Battle Ropes, Truck Tyres and more. We provide progressions/regressions to all our exercises, creating fun and effective workouts for all levels of fitness. We are located at Moore Park and Queens Park, Monday to Friday at 6am. Unlimited sessions for as little as $29 weekly. For more information click here
  • Kaizen Personal Training is great for building strength and totally changing your bodies composition. Your sessions will be tailored to your fitness goals. Whether your looking to lose fat or build muscle, free weight and compound lifts will be the foundation of your training program. Did you know that a squat burns more calories per rep than any anything else you can do for your body? So don’t be put off by the term strength training, as this is the secret to long term fat loss and you maintaining your results. All sessions are recorded and saved to your phone on a weekly basis. Body fat measurements (optional) are also taken to measure progress. For more information click here
  • Kaizen Home Workouts feature over 50 instructional exercise videos, all you need is a door and a set of Kaizen Bands. You can rest assured we sourced all the highest quality materials for your fitness goals. You will receive a manufacturers lifetime warranty with your purchase, and if after 30 days your not 100% satisfied, just send back for a full cash refund. Free shipping to Australia and America. For 10 free videos click here


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