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Coogee Personal TrainerPaul Zerebiecki

With over 7 years’ experience in the fitness industry, Coogee Personal Trainer ‘Paul Zerebiecki’ has all the experience and knowledge to get you where you need to be.
With a bodybuilding background now enriched with elements of functional training, core stability, deep tissue activation and many other techniques used by the best fitness coaches, Paul has all the tools to get you the very best results.
In addition to his qualifications, Paul is experienced in Yoga, Pilates, Kick Boxing, and Gymnastics. His diverse set of skills will ensure your body is exposed to a variety of training types. Expect every piece of equipment to be used – from TRX, battle ropes and Bosu, to fitness balls, barbells and bands.
Coogee Personal Trainer, Paul appreciates the key to a healthy body also lies within the foods we eat. Therefore he has completed nutritional workshops and is a keen attendee of science conferences. He loves what he does and is constantly learning more. By competing in bodybuilding and fitness championships, Paul understands all the diets plans and techniques to maximise your fat loss goals.
So if you’re ready to change your body in a healthy way, just contact us Today for your ‘FREE Coogee Personal Training” session..

“15 years ago I was a shy fat teenager, until I found my passion in fitness. Since then exercise has changed my body, my character and my life. Do you want to change yours?
I’m giving you 15 years of my own trainings and more than 7 years as an international Personal Trainer, with gold and silver medals in gymnastic fitness, classic bodybuilding and fitness modelling.
I will show you, with my greatest passion, how you can affect your figure and your life by training with weights.To not write more, I just encourage you to meet me and talk about your future. Talking by the espresso doesn’t cost much. I am sure that after the talk you will know that you met the right trainer for you”


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